reed & brittany | utah county engagement photographer

I have been the only married cousin (on my mom's side of the family) for almost 4 years now. Granted.. I got an early start in that department. I have been dying for more of my cousin's to get married. Excluding me and my cousin Brittany, I think there are 3 eligible girls right now and there will be 2 boys by next summer! I bet they will all get married at the same time, just to make life crazy ;) Brittany is my closest cousin, she is just over a week younger than me. She is so sweet and beautiful. She met her fiance, Reed on the folk dance team at BYU. They are both amazing dancers and have traveled the world as a part of that team. Brittany is now a graduate and a teacher. These two are such a cute couple and I am so excited for them! I am so glad I got to take their engagement pictures. I think they turned out beautifuly. Congratulations guys!

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IMG_0552 copy
IMG_0579 copyIMG_0562 copy
IMG_0537 copy
IMG_0602 copy2
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little miss b | utah county newborn photographer

I have been so nervous and excited to take pictures of my little girl. I had absolutely no experience with newborn pictures.. hence the nerves. But who can really mess up that much when it comes to a sweet perfect newborn. She was so cute and good for these pictures. I'm very happy with how they have turned out. I still have a few more to edit and I'm planning on taking lots more.
For now.. these are my favorites:
I could just kiss those lips all day

She is the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on.
We absolutely adore our little girl. 


kaitie & noah | utah county engagement photographer

Love. Love is in the air! Weddings.. Babies.. Oh my. This is such a fun time of year. This cute girl is one of my good friends from choir when we were a little younger. We roomed on tour and everything! She is so sweet and cute and I was so happy to be able to do her engagements. Her and the Mr. are quite the perfect match. They made my job more than easy, and their pictures turned out adorable. These are a few of their favorites and I'm hoping to get around to editing a few more of my other favorites after my baby is born!

 I love this in B.W. and Color.. so you get to see both ;)



Best of wishes!


quincee may | utah county child photographer

I love her name. Quincee. I think I'll name one of my daughters that. This little girl is full of spunk and sass. She is quite the doll. The whole shoot she kept pointing at random things saying "wuh sat?" in a high pitched voice. I love this age.